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  • Candidates presented by us have undergone an extensive interview, assessment and reference checking process.
  • Our database is continually expanding through extensive research and referral.
  • When JS Robertson refers a finalist candidate, you can be assured that they are not just the best of the people that we know, they are the best that the market can offer.

Competitive Compensation:

  • Do we understand the market conditions for the position that is being considered?
  • Is there an internal structure into which the position will fit and should adjustments be made to avoid compression?
  • If there is no structure, should we create one?

Organization Structure:

  • Is there a clear vision of the company management structure, does everyone understand it?
  • Is the organization static or in flux?
  • Is there a migration plan to track with growth?
  • How does the proposed appointment fit into the plan?
  • Are there internal candidates who are interested in this position or see this position as a “threat”? Do we need to plan around that situation?

Job Specification:

  • Is the job clearly described?
  • Is it clear how the description fits into the organization?
  • Does the interview team understand the specification, and are they all in agreement with it?
  • Will candidates get a consistent story from everyone they meet?
  • Will everyone “sell” the company and the role?


  • Are we all working to the same timetable?
  • Are there impediments to this timetable?


  • Is there a sense and structure to the selection process?
  • Does the team have the skills to assess potential candidates?

Executive Coaching:

  • Could individual executives improve their leadership or interpersonal skills?
  • Is the leadership team functioning as effectively as possible?
  • Does the organization need to improve the effectiveness of high potential managers?

Organization Effectiveness:

  • Does the organization need to improve the effectiveness of high potential managers?
  • How effective are the organizational processes?
  • How effective are individual or company-wide communications?
  • Is there an established company culture, does it reflect the total company, is it an effective environment for the longer term, how would you improve upon it?

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